Villa Spray - Viganj - Croatia
A simple villa on the Peljesac Peninsule

Access To The Sea

From the road, waök down the path opposite the house straight down to the sea.

Four minutes down, six minutes up.


Power switches are above meter in pump room under pool. Meter is in wall cupboard.

Trip switches are in boxes on walls in living room and 2nd floor corridor.

Hot Water & Rubbish

For kitchen / bathroom use : RHS switch outside bathroom heats up boiler in bathroom. Red light indicates on/off. Dial indicates how much hot water is available.

2nd floor back bedroom also has boiler with similar switch on wall alongside light switch.

Rubbish bins outside. Please follow the recycle instructions.

Telephone No’s

Inter. dialling prefix for Croatia = 385. Ambulance = 94. Fire Service = 93. Police = 93. Road Assist = 987 or

If you are calling from outside Croatia or using mobile phone dial +3851 987

General information = 981. Info about local & district telephone no’s = 988. Info about international no’s = 902


Open from 8am - 8pm; Sat. 8 am - 2 pm. Smaller shops close between noon & 4 pm. Some also open Sundays in summer.