Villa Spray - Viganj - Croatia
A simple villa on the Peljesac Peninsule

How to get there by road

Enter on google maps the words Viganj – Apartments Kuća Nebeska and follow the route.

Kuća Nebeska (House of Heaven) is the name of our neighbour's villa which is three meters from ours and shares the same path up from the road.

Our neighbours Geert & Ulli have some nice apartments for rental and we highly recommend them.

This is a link to out neighbour's website.

How to get there by air and car

Fly to Split or Dubrovnik and hire a car. Then follow the road instructions above :-)

   Drive Split     to Viganj in 2.5 to 3.0 hours. 

   Drive Dubrovnik to Viganj in 2.0 to 2.5 hours. 

How to get there by air and public transport

There are buses from Dubrovnik to the nearby town of Orebic.

There are boats from Dubrovnik and Split to the nearby island of Korcula. From Korcula you can get a car ferry to Orebic or a foot ferry to Orebic or Viganj

You can hire a taxi from Dubrovnik to Viganj which is OK if there are a few of you to share the cost. You can do this through